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iOil+ is part of a commodities suite covering precious and industrial metals; the other applications of the suite are iGold+, iPlatinum+, iPalladium+, iSilver+, iAluminum+, iCopper+, iNickel+, iLead+ and iZinc+.

Tracking oil prices is so easy with iOil+. This app does all the work of following the price of Oil, in almost real time, with your choice of more than 150 different currencies. It even shows the price in the icon badge, notifies you of critical changes or when certain predefined prices are reached, and offers trends and graphs and a conversion calculator! There is no other application on the market that can do all this for you.

For any issues, problems, questions ... etc. please contact us at, we do answer requests for new features and help you troubleshoot problems.

Check out what you can do with this app:

* Check the price of oil vs. the currency of choice (not only versus the USD).
* See the oil price in the icon badge, in almost real time, no need to open the app to know that information.
* See the change in value over a period of time of your choice.
* Get notified in the app if this change is larger than a percentage you choose.
* Get notified if the price reaches a minimum or maximum value of your choice.
* The same notifications can be sent via push: no other app has this.
* See several graphs to check trends: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly; all in one screen.
* Convert prices on the spot, using a conversion calculator.
* More than 100 currencies used in more than 150 countries.
* Intuitive interface, very easy to use.
* Currencies can be added per request on the fly, no need to update the application.
* Share to social networks!

The application is the only one of its kind on the market. Not only does it offer you tracking for more than 100 different currencies used in more than 150 countries, this app can note trends, providing you graph illustrations of daily, weekly, monthly and even quarterly and yearly information.

This is the one and only app that sends you push notifications of critical changes. Did the rate for your investment just drop? You’ll know almost as soon as it happens because iOil+ tells you. Plus, with a quick check to the icon badge, you will know the price at the spot in almost real time.

The iOil+ app is perfect for oil traders, as well as others who watch the rates, but you don’t have to be a fancy broker to reap the benefits of the app.

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